The Found Artist Series

Being a newer artist myself, I know how it feels to put so much passion, time and energy into the work you are creating only to feel like nobody is seeing it. Even though when it comes down to it, you are creating your art out of sheer love and soul shaking desire and mostly for yourself, you still hope that others find happiness and joy from it too. 

I'm fortunate to have so many friends who have amazing raw talent, whom are also trying to get there work out into the world for others to enjoy. This got me thinking and thus, the creation of this series. 

Since I'm always perusing various sites and discovering new artist, I thought that it would be beneficial to you if I shared those in a monthly series call The Found Artist

I truly believe that there is space for everyone and that competition kills creativity. We should celebrate and share everyone's achievements and talents. 

So without further ado, here are this months Found Artists. 

Micah Hogan

My friend Micah is a talented artist based out of Northern San Diego. We met while working in the same restaurant when I first moved here and we've always loved chatting about Mid-Century and Minimalist Design. He has some serious skills and I think it shows beautifully in the 60's and 70's inspired paintings. All are done on wood canvas and inspired from road trips he use to take with his family growing up. 

Wild Print CO

I'm not going to lie, I'm borderline obsessed with Amy's prints. I purchased five of them a few weeks ago and I'm slowly collecting the frames and you'll see how I display them soon enough. For now, this Buffalo print is by far, one of my favorites and now lives in my living room. His name is Bruce. 

Sand Silk Sky

Hannah makes incredibly beautiful bream catchers, scented candles, and has just started exploring essential oils and wood cuts. Her Freedom-to-Dream kit is an amazing way to craft your own dream catcher. Sleep well tonight with one of her beautiful pieces. 

If you are an artist or know of an artist that you think should be featured, please submit your information in the contact form under the contact tab.